I was sitting at my desk (before the pandemic, back when we used to meet with clients in person) across from this sweet lady that now had tears rolling down her cheeks. Tears of joy and relief – all because we were able to find a Medicare insurance plan that not only met all her needs; but also saved her enough money to be able to continue to make the payment on her home (despite the fact that her income had decreased substantially when her husband recently passed). It’s days like these that make it all worthwhile and where I find my purpose as a Medicare advisor.

Regardless of whether it is a client whom I have helped to save on their Medicare insurance plan, or the client who just sold his business for ten million dollars and advising him what he needs to do to save thousands on his Medicare Part B premium; it’s the feeling of making a difference in people’s lives and giving them the peace of mind that they need when it comes to health care insurance that motivates me each day.

About Suzanne

Suzanne takes pride in advising her clients in the area of Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans.  She thoroughly enjoys learning about her clients and then finding the best insurance solutions to fit their unique and individual needs.    

As opposed to simply being just their Medicare Advisor, she aspires to be a true guide and looks to form long-lasting relationships with her clients.  Suzanne’s clients have made statements such as: “knowledgeable Medicare Advisor,” “highly recommended,” “totally lost without her,” “great job explaining,” “down-to-earth and pleasant,” “a pleasure to work with,” “has my best interest at heart,” “Medicare Ninja,” among other humbling compliments.  

Helping hundreds of Medicare clients in central Ohio has earned Suzanne multiple sales awards with the various insurance carriers. Including being ranked in the top ten in the state and in the top twenty nationally. Still, she considers being selected as the “Official Medicare Advisor of the Columbus Bar Association” as one of her most prized achievements. 

Suzanne serves on the board of directors for the Columbus Association of Health Underwriters.  She has had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. and weigh in on legislation that positively impacts those on Medicare.  

Suzanne’s journey as a Medicare advisor began in 2008 as a Medicare insurance sales agent.  She was then hired to recruit and train others in Medicare insurance.  After she proved successful at recruiting and training those in the role of Medicare insurance sales, she was given the opportunity to partner and create National United Medicare Advisors in 2017.  Then in 2020, during the pandemic, Suzanne was presented with the option to buy out her partner and become the sole owner of National United Medicare Advisors.  She currently runs the agency day-to-day operations with her excellent team.  

When Suzanne is not engaged in heroics as the superwoman of Medicare, she is busy being the mom of two teenage boys and a wife to her husband of 20 plus years.